The Singers ToolKit: Piano Tracks - Vol. 2

The Singers ToolKit: Piano Tracks - Vol. 2

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The Singers ToolKit: Piano Tracks are a dedicated vocal exercise and warm up resource for singers and singing teachers, featuring a collection of 25 piano scales, arpeggios, and patterns (MP3 files), which is over 50 minutes of material for you to use where ever, whenever, and whatever the situation. 

Preview All Tracks In Vol. 2:

After downloading, you can add The Singers ToolKit: Piano Tracks to your phone/tablet/computer/other personal music device to take your vocal warm up anywhere. We recommend downloading this product via a computer first, then loading it onto a mobile device.

*Note: downloads will automatically be added to your account. Please check the "My Downloads" section of your account for a link!

By purchasing this product you agree to the licence terms below:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License *Note: you may only redistribute PRIVATELY to your own students and not publicly. Your students MUST adhere to the licence terms. We ask that you only send select tracks.


YouTube Demos

Click on a YouTube video to see exercise and warmup examples, and to hear the kind of sounds you can explore with each track.

Disclaimer: Some of the patterns and tracks used within the YouTube videos might not feature in this Volume. Please check the track list for full details.

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